Westlife : Coast To Coast

Westlife : Coast To Coast


How the loveable Irish quintet have progressed...

On Westlife’s first album, the CD itself was pale blue. But how the loveable Irish quintet have progressed – for while this CD looks identical, this time IT’S GREY! Yes, believe it or not, Westlife have actually managed to become even more boring than they were before.

Like the rest of the planet’s pop star personnel, The Life have drafted in Swedish uber-producers Cheiron to give them a bit of a helping hand. Actually, ‘a bit’ is probably something of an understatement – Max Martin and friends have worked on the majority of ‘Coast To Coast’. Not that on many of these uneventful ballads you’d really notice. ‘My Love’ is their work, but the trademark Cheiron clanks and whooshes are more evident on songs like ‘Somebody Needs You’ and ‘Angel’s Wings’. The latter’s title has an oddly, some might say wrongly, placed apostrophe, since the line is actually, [I]”Love is the answer, it’s written on angels’ wings”[/I]. NMEPOP.COM demands that all copies of this CD are recalled by RCA, destroyed, and replaced by ones with proper spelling and stuff.

Alarmingly, ‘Angel’s Wings’ also includes the line, [I]”You make everything that used to seem so big seem to be small”[/I] – surely an excuse that ranks up there with “Sorry love, it’s a bit cold”, and one which shatters the few illusions we had left of Kian. Oh well. (Actually, ‘Angel’s Wings’ also declares that angels’ wings are [I]”like lettuce in the sky”[/I], which one can only imagine is a common sight in Ireland. )

What else do we find amid the 18 tracks on ‘Coast To Coast’? Well, there’s ‘I Have A Dream (Remix)’ – not, as you might have hoped, an arms-aloft disco stomper but a slightly different version which doesn’t actually sound that different at all. Whooo!

There are also a load of ballads. ‘What Makes A Man’ – the harmonies! ‘I Lay My Love On You’ – the croonin’! ‘Close Your Eyes’ – the mental image of Zimmer frames being held aloft as everybody’s Gran goes, “They’ve got lovely eyes”! And there we have it. Basically an album of really good songs.

It’s soft and very, very long. But don’t wipe your arse on it.

Peter Robinson