Sunna : One Minute Science

Sunna : One Minute Science

Seems that it's not enough for rock bands to rock now...

Seems that it’s not enough for rock bands to rock now. Not, at least, for Bristol quintet Sunna, reputedly the product of smoke-fuelled club nights twinned with a Cobain-heavy musical education. Debut album, ‘One Minute Science’, sadly, comes across as a testament to the current climate of painful self-consciousness which dictates that anyone not cramming spurious bleeps’n’scratches in among their riffs is yesterday’s Luddite.

Oddly inevitable, then, that Sunna’s scabrous metal moments offer the purest thrills. ‘Power Struggle’, crawling with irritable insect swarms and knife-edge guitar pyrotechnics, and ‘One Conditioning’ – chilly music-box chimes, wind tunnel guitar scree – are the best things here by a canter. However, picking through the windy acousticisms and cod-electronica ballast to find them soon becomes arduous.

Sunna’s Massive Attack connections (guitar/vocalist Jon Harris played on ‘Mezzanine’) have grabbed attention, but any comparisons end there. There’s a decks’n’samples guy, DJ Flatline, on board, but this only manifests itself in the quasi-industrial clonking which every nu-metal mob employs these days. You can imagine the decksman standing around during the ghastly MOR of ‘Forlorn’ and wondering what the hell he’s doing there.

Come the closing acoustic ballad, ‘7%’, Sunna have run the gauntlet from Tool to Travis. Commendably eclectic, but the point of it is difficult to fathom.

Noel Gardner