EDO.G : The Truth Hurts

EDO.G : The Truth Hurts


DJ Premier, Guru and Black Thought feature on EDO.G's "ghetto businessman" opus...

Men denied their masculinity by a skewiff system will go to any lengths to reassert their rightful selves. In hip-hop, a microcosm of a ghetto world where jobs are in short supply (except in sports, drugs or entertainment), this often leads to a cartoonish machismo. Take the case of EDO.G, the veteran Roxbury, Massachussets rapper who reps for Boston, and used to be in EDO.G & The Bulldogs, an African-American man’s man to the bone.

His dalliances with major corporate labels long gone, he now uses an independent springboard to put foward a hardass worldview – and when it comes to battle-raps, his harsh tones transcend mere realism. See, EDO.G lays his shit on the table – the battle scars, fallen compadres, fights with his babymother (on the emotionally graphic ‘Just Because’, duet), warnings to an unspecified gold-digger (‘Bitch Up Off Me’), and trenchant observations on the failings of peers.

With an almost depraved honesty, and a distinct inability to mince words, he rhymes rough’n’ready over basement beats, overseen in part by the impeccable DJ Premier. And while ‘Sayin’ Somethin’ goes some way to dwarf its cousins, what with a heavy piano loop that tolls like a funeral church bell, hardy viola and scattergun images, there are moments galore – despite, if not directly attributable to, the rawness of the production.

Heavyweight guests like Guru and Black Thought make 16-bar appearances and there’s a shocking surprise in the CD equivalent of the run-off groove, but, mostly it’s EDO.G in ghetto businessman mode, street advice and all. He’s got the finance to escape slum conditions and wants others to follow.

Dele Fadele