David Gray : Lost Songs 95-98

David Gray : Lost Songs 95-98


Proof that everything comes to those who wait...

Proof that everything comes to those who wait, ‘Lost Songs’ is yet another confusing stage in David Gray’s increasingly healthy career. After years of mainstream indifference here, David’s gone barmy now the spotlight’s turned on him. So, this is being released after the massively successful ‘White Ladder’, even though it was written [I]before[/I]. Plus, it’s been out once already (just last year) on David’s own label and has sold over one million copies.

Obviously David’s adamant we’re not going to be allowed to ignore him again. Now that no-one can get enough of all things acoustic, he shouldn’t worry. Especially as this entirely acoustic offering is 10 times more soulful and interesting than the dull, overplayed drone of ‘Babylon’. When David stops fretting about catchy choruses and radio play, he manages a tender, simple folk album fit for mellow Sunday afternoons. Tracks like the gorgeous, stark ‘As I’m Leaving’ and ‘Hold On’ might not get Radio 1 excited but show the real David Gray. A man who’s welcome to soundtrack our most doleful, self-pitying moments, but is not – under any circumstances – a pop star. It can’t be long before everyone else realises that too.

Siobhan Grogan

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