Messenger In The Camp

Messenger In The Camp


At first glance, this record will make you want to throw up....

AT FIRST GLANCE, THIS RECORD WILL make you want to throw up. The name of the band, the nauseating song titles (personal favourite: [a]!!![/a] (it’s a joke; it’s supposed to be funny)[a]!!![/a], the didactic sleevenotes, they all spell post-rock catastrophe.

Try to restrain yourself though, because bar [a]Godspeed You Black Emperor[/a], no-one has made a more innovative instrumental LP this year.

Based in New York, Mice Parade aren’t really a band, so much as a front for the blurred vision of Adam Pierce. He’s the man responsible for writing, performing and producing every sound you hear during this 74-minute avant-drone odyssey. Not a bad achievement – especially when you consider the complexity and sheer depth of the sounds featured here.

Part wasp knocking against glass, part Labradford, ‘The True Meaning Of Boodleybaye’ is a consistently scintillating and ambitious album. Built around stabbed keyboard drones, xylophone melodies and looped drum beats, it’s a record that keeps pushing forward and, in ‘Trudging Through The Freshly Cut Grass’, comes close to replicating My Bloody Valentine‘s glucose-thick guitar sound.

Worth seeking out for that alone, it makes all their other crimes seem forgivable. Well, just about anyway.