Shed Seven : If The Truth Be Told

Shed Seven : If The Truth Be Told


Avant-techno jazz masterpiece from... no, not really

Watch your backs Feeder, mind your mouths Toploader – the Sheds are back to reclaim their Provincial Rock Champions’ Shield (1994-95 season). With a new deal following their departure from Polydor, Shed Seven return with more Rick Witter saloon bar wisdom and balmy guitar music which knows its place. ‘Disco Down’ experimentalism has been forgotten, as York’s perennial likely lads realise the ‘…Morning Glory’ approach – surging rock moments drowning in an ocean of mellow tunes – is a safer bet than that dance nonsense.

“Remember me?” shouts Witter in entertaining Pistols meets The Who opener ‘If The Music Don’t Move Yer’. For the hits, we do remember them – [I]not[/I] just because Witter sings that annoying mobile phone TV advert. But memories might fade after the ambition-lacking, potential ringtone treat that is ‘If The Truth Be Told’.

With a new-found maturity on ‘Laughter Lines’ (“No need to shout/Time is running out”), the shuffling ‘Feathers’ and the [I]Hollyoaks[/I] incidental music of ‘Never Felt So Cold’, perhaps even they sense the party’s coming to an end. The tunes are still there, especially on the lovelorn, stylishly distorted ‘Eyes Before’ and the orchestral, Xfm-tastic single ‘Cry For Help’. But still the best thing to say about ‘Truth Be Told’ is that it’s Not Feeder.

Andre Paine