KRS-One : The Sneak Attack

KRS-One : The Sneak Attack


When old-skool rappers attack...

The parlous state of hip-hop, as

he sees it, has forced KRS-One

out of semi-retirement and back to the battlefield. He’s jacked in an A&R job with Warners/Reprise, moved back to NYC from Los Angeles, and sharpened those

wits to bring some consciousness, self-pride and self-knowledge back into the game.

As a sort of lyrical sermon from the mount with uptempo beats to crush the weak-hearted, ‘The Sneak Attack’ raises the stakes on the microphone skills front as KRS-One lectures, hectors, drops streetwise politics, and laments the state of the world.

But can he compete with fierce youngbloods out for a big payday? Of course. The wisdom and bravura inherent in ‘Krush Them’; the roasting of rival MC Redman on ‘Hot’; and the inclusion of gospel choirs on ‘The Raptism’ show it’s a good return from a lyrical metaphysics point of view, as well. If the production flags on occasion, KRS-One’s harsh, Jamaican-inflected tones compensate – and communicate the urgency of his mission to save hip-hop from an early corporate grave.

Dele Fadele