Endo, Nic : Cold metal perfection

Endo, Nic : Cold metal perfection


Atari Teenage Riot woman's abrasive second album

Nic Endo’s never been one to cater for sensitive ears. When she was 20 she moved to Berlin and met Atari Teenage Riot’s Alec Empire. He asked her to join his band while keyboard player Hanin Elias was pregnant and she’s never left, touring the world with them to spread word of the Digital Hardcore revolution.

Despite this distraction, it’s always been her aim to make her own records. She’s already released debut album, ‘Poison Lips’, on Fatal, a label set up by Endo and Elias to force others to acknowledge their role as female producers in the largely male world of electronic music. This album has equally noble intentions but sometimes it’s hard to get past the abstract noise to realise them.

Like ATR, the emphasis is electronic but without the white noise, fury and shouting that’s Empire’s trademark. Endo has a more angular take on matters, like ’80s US electro adopted by avant-garde composer Stockhausen, and the keyboard is the focus. Though the weirder it gets (jagged, mechanical opener ‘Man-Eater’), the better it works, it’s still difficult for most to really [I]enjoy[/I] an album like this.

But, then, maybe that’s the point.

Siobhan Grogan