Proud Mary : The Same Old Blues

Proud Mary : The Same Old Blues


Noel Gallagher-produced retro twaddle

A moment’s silence, please

(and then great joy), for this

is the spot that dadrock finally, wearily, fell on its sword. It left us with one last perfect, gleaming cliché: a band named after a Creedence Clearwater Revival song and a debut album called ‘The Same Old Blues’, produced and released by Noel Gallagher.

They’re not taking the piss

with that title, either. This really

is the same old, old blues patented several decades ago by the Faces, by Creedence, by The Band,

then copied by The Black Crowes and now reprinted by Proud

Mary. It’s dusty ’70s American

bar-room blues rock written and sung by young Mancunians in 2001. It is the work of perverts.

It’s expertly done, of course,

as you’d expect from young

men who spend too much time browsing in guitar shops.

Singer Greg Griffin has a nice croak and, vocally, could pass

for a Californian (he looks like Liam Ashcroft, natch) and

there’s some real purdy steel guitar playing by songwriter

Paul Newsome, but pub rock is pub rock.

At least it’s only half an hour long, and it’s produced with more finesse than any Oasis album

in recent memory. But, Jesus Christ, there must have been

more enterprising tax write-offs than this, Noel?

Ted Kessler

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