Kid 606 : PS You Love Me

Kid 606 : PS You Love Me


Laptop king is remixed. Inevitably

Not a hugely thrilling prospect, the arrival of a Kid606 remix album. With various glitch-keen auteurs grafting their split personalities onto tunes from the Californian PowerBook jockey’s last LP proper, ‘PS I Love You’, the urge to put on your trainers and skedaddle is strong.

But then, just as you’re doing up the laces while Matmos are fucking ‘Twirl’ up the ass, the sexless thrills come flooding out. First off, Atom&153; plays the clicks + cuts card to full effect, turning ‘Whereweleftoff’ into a stupidly ace dancefloor-filler. A few mad scientists later, Force Inc artiste Twerk does the same song some similar spoon-bending damage. But it’s Electric Company’s brash manoeuvre on ‘Together’ that stands out: like a sore thumb but one with a lively, post-acid pulse. You also get a few new ‘606 tunes/remakes into the bargain; ‘Sonquizzon’ squelches like a compressed Dalek, and ‘Goodbye’ is a medieval experiment gone wrong. Or right. Depending on your perspective.

Then it’s back to tweaking the likes of Super Furry Animals for the nu-wave of maverick Stateside producers’ poster boy. Who rubs off most on who is, of course, something to look forward to with great relish.

Darren Johns