Necro : I Need Drugs

Necro : I Need Drugs


Morally questionable Brooklyn rapper

Apart from the Californian rapper who just got busted for kidnapping and buggering children, the Brooklyn 20-something whiteboy known as Necro is the sickest man in hip-hop right now.

A big fan of drugs, knives, gore movies and dirty filth. Necro makes brutal, misogynistic porno rap that would make even major perverts like Kool Keith or 2 Live Crew blush a little.

His debut album is made up of grimy, XXX-rated tracks called ‘Hoe Blow’, ‘Fuck You To The Track’ and ‘STD’, a cautionary

tale about unprotected sex.

[I]”The fuckin’ bitch had syphilis”,

[/I]he raps in a thick Brooklyn drawl. [I]”I cracked her in the face with a wrench/Now she’s on the floor,

like a dirty whore, reaching for

the door”[/I].

It’s completely amoral and completely without irony and, as such, not a little stomach-churning. But sometimes it’s

also funny, especially on the title track, a ‘cover’ of LL Cool J’s

‘I Need Love’. Aping LL’s lover-man style, Necro coos: [I]”Baking soda, cocaine, how sweet/I need

to find me a crack pipe and

I’m complete”[/I].

The rest of the album is less light hearted and centres mostly on violence, porn and death, so in a musical climate where sickness is rewarded with impressive record sales, Necro’s future looks bright. Make your own mind up whether that’s a good or bad thing and remember, nobody’s forcing you to listen to it.

Andy Capper