Redman : Malpractice

Redman : Malpractice


Red drops one of the hiphop albums of the year...

Not many artists can boast of having delivered five hot solo albums, as well as highly noted collaboration work. But the undoubted king of New Jersey, Reggie Noble aka Redman can. Only just venturing into his thirties, Red maintains a reputation as an underground MC who nonetheless sells record by the truckload. He’s has kept a level (smoked-out) head by not indulging in the overused and endorsed world of bling bling, but by staying fabulous with on point rhyme skills, fantastic production and humorous skits. He also keeps a tight production team around him, and when he’s not manning the boards, Erick Sermon and Rockwilder continue keeping the beats on point as they have throughout his career.

His fifth solo album ‘Malpractice’ is rammed with smashes – the majority could pack a dance floor. It’s also full of the kind of hilarious skits dedicated heads will be familiar with and young new fans will appreciate. Also, ‘Malpractice’ highlights Redman‘s gift of talent discovery and adventurous collaboration, the guestlist ranging from DMX andMissy Elliott, to Canadian lyrical stunner Saukrates on ‘Enjoy The Ride’, as well as sidekick Method Man.

‘Let’s Get Dirty’, the Rockwilder-produced smash, is straight-up hard-hittin’ funk, while the you-don’t-wanna-fuck-with-’em ‘Real N****g’ features tough rhyme spitters Scarface and Trech. ‘Wrong 4 Dat’ sees the Def Squad in full swing, featuring walking dictionary Keith Murray, with E-dub manning the boards. And to top it all, there’s 2001’s most powerful club banger, ‘Smash Sumthin”, with Brit-boy producer Adam F, rounding out one of the year’s best hiphop albums.

Sarah Edwards