Kosheen : Resist

Kosheen : Resist


Long-player from high charting Bristolians.

Long-player from high-charting Bristolians

It?s a sign of our rather bleak times that the Modern Chart Hit can only come through a studied appreciation of the British dancefloor?s oppressive trend du jour. ?Hide U? was, originally, a slick but sharp Reprazent/-style drum?n?bass mover for Bristol?s Kosheen? a trio that rubbed shoulders with Portishead?s Geoff Barrow back in the early-?90s, and went on to fly the breakbeat flag at their Ruffneck Tingclub nights. With drum?n?bass currently in about as much commercial demand as Neil and Christine Hamilton?s babysitting service, however, it?s taken a frighteningly average rejig of four-to-the-floor blandness from remixers John Creamer and Stephane K to rocket ?Hide U? into the Top Ten.

Doubtless it?s helped sales of this debut full-lengther, but ?Resist? really needn?t rely on such cynical marketing tricks. ?Harder?is what Dido should really sound like; singer Sian Evans? purr backed by the sputter and hiss of Darren Beal and Markee Substance?s complementary breaks production; ?(Slip & Slide) Suicide? could slot seamlessly onto Roni Size?s ?In The Mode? LP.

It may not be the acceptable sound. But Kosheen say ?Resist?. Because behind closed doors, drum?n?bass dances on.

Louis Pattison