Juno : A Future Lived In Past tense

Juno : A Future Lived In Past tense


Excellent post-hardcore skills. From America...

They may have emerged from the US punk scene, but Juno are as concerned

with lush atmospheres as blazing intensity. On this, their second album,

they lace their brand of melancholy emocore with elemntal ambience to

devastating effect.

While capable of fury, Juno prefer to exercise restraint, only occasionally

allowing themselves bouts of noisy catharsis. ‘Covered With Hair’ and ‘You

Are The Beautiful Conductor Of This Orchestra’ are full-tilt balls of rage

which hint at Husker Du and At The Drive In, but the scope of Juno’s ambition

is more fully demonstrated on the album’s more reflective moments. Most

astounding is the epic ‘The French Letter’, slowly evolving over ten minutes

to explore (with surprising success)the terrain between Fugazi and Pink


Frontman Arlie Carstens’ lyrics balance weighty contemplation with

deft storytelling, most evident on the spoken-word piece “Things Gone And

Things still Here”. Throughout the record, he obsesses over the passage

of time and the nature of human existence, summoning up enough regret and

paranoia to brand Juno a post-hardcore Radiohead.

‘A Future Lived In Past Tense’ is a stunning record. With each play it reveals

more and more, becoming increasingly overwhelming. You’ll have little choice

but to succumb.

Olly Thomas