Brothomstates : Claro

Brothomstates : Claro


Lassi Nikko is a serious young man making serious electronic music...

Lassi Nikko is a serious young man making serious electronic music. As

Brothomstates, the talented 24-year-old Finn dedicates the hours outside his

flashy new media job in Helsinki to constructing the kind of striking and

meticulous compositions you would expect to find on Autechre’s hard-drive.

Listening to the crisp rhythms and generous melodies of ‘Claro’, it’s

evident that the Warp factor is a significant one for Nikko, and for him to

have this alluring collection released by the label is, you imagine, a

considerable personal achievement.

As befits a producer whose debut long-player, 1998’s ‘Kobn-tich-ey’, was one

of the first mp3-only releases, Nikko handles the artificial with

intelligence and integrity. ‘Claro’ is a very well-made and frequently

beautiful album (‘Mdrmx’ is expertly chilled, ‘Brothomstate Ipxen’ is

graceful lop-sided house) but on occasion the emphasis is placed too heavily

on style rather than substance. At 70 minutes in length, there is a

noticeable amount of unnecessary ambient fluff.

While last month’s excellent ‘Qtio EP’ revealed in half-an-hour all that is

good and varied about Brothomstates (machine funk, a human touch), ‘Claro’

spends a long time lucidly articulating the same thing. But for what it is,

this is a solid, sober work. Next time, some humour wouldn’t go amiss.

Piers Martin