Hood : Cold House

Hood : Cold House


Great skills from enduring indie fellas...

Roughly as bling-bling as a lard sandwich, these days it’s very easy to underestimate the Hoods of this world. Four Yorkshiremen who espouse every cliche of old-skool indie – the faceless bedroom productions, the inability to sing in tune – their erratic approach to songcraft has tempered their frequent fineness previously. But ‘Cold House’, produced by Black Star Liner’s Choque Hussein, is uniformly excellent. Really.

‘They Removed All Trace That Anything Had Ever Happened Here’ (the titles come with the territory, we’re afraid) is a consummate opening track: sorrowful strings, skittering beat constructs and desperate vocals, plus offbeat rhyming from Dose One and Why? of cloudDEAD.

It’s an accurate primer for the rest of the LP. Open-eared enough to swallow up devastating, dubbed-out slo-core (‘Enemy Of Time’) and bonkers glitch-electronics (‘This Is What We Do To Sell Out(s)’); echo-chamber dub colliding with Tortoise-pace guitar and dark-corner drones. Few, if any, British bands are making music quite like this right now.

‘Cold House’ is a revelation: confirming that indie isn’t dead, despite what the utter paucity of ambition or relevance in 90 per cent of the current plod-guitar

crop might lead you to believe. Not just a triumph of the independent spirit – more importantly, a great album.

Noel Gardner