Louie Austin : Only Tonight

Louie Austin : Only Tonight


Veteran entertainer in very odd career rebirth...

Remember The All-Seeing I’s ‘Walk Like A Panther’? Of course you do: the story of a veteran entertainer strutting out of retirement to sweep away the pretenders and reclaim the boards that are rightfully his. The work of a couple of Warp veterans, it was a rare spark of genuinely heartening pop genius, a real one-off.

At least that’s how it seemed. But ‘Only Tonight’ is The

All-Seeing I’s fanciful fiction made flesh. Louie Austen spent the last 20 years living the high life in Vegas, baby, an old-skool crooner cut straight from the Sinatra cloth. Moving to Austria in the late-’90s, he hooked up with Patrick Pulsinger and Mario Neugebauer, two dance producers with an

eye for a gimmick.

But ‘Only Tonight’ became much more than mere cabaret: this is the sound of a showman reborn. Acid-flecked Balearic disco gems like ‘Music’ rub up against the finger-clicking Brazilian bossa nova rhythms of ‘One Night In Rio’, and best of all, the extremely lewd ‘Grab My Shaft’ features guest rapping by Kitty-Yo!’s

dirty auntie Peaches. He’s old enough to be… well, her father,

at least. But she still raps about wanking him off anyway, and

it’s very good.

Louie’s standards may have fallen, but his value’s gone through the roof. Seems they do sing ’em like they used to, after all.

Louis Pattison