Shaggy : Mr Lover Lover-The Best of Shaggy…(Part 1)

Shaggy : Mr Lover Lover-The Best of Shaggy...(Part 1)


Who made a good hits LP? It wasn't him...

As a professional casanova, Shaggy doesn’t have much time to devote to music. Every few years, he breaks off from his latest conquest, emerges from his secret love palace and effortlessly belches out a Number One single. Job done, he disappears, leaving the world to ponder his musings on sexual etiquette and gender politics.

This time round, however, things are a little different. Since he came up with

the best-selling single of 2001, Shaggy‘s decided to hang about, killing time before his Ali G collaboration with this erroneously-titled compilation.

‘It Wasn’t Me’ is conspicuous by its absence, and that’s not the worst of it. When an album kicks off with a Sting remix, it’s time for alarm bells to start ringing.

The ‘Eye of The Tiger’-sampling ‘Sexy Body Girls’ sees our hero claiming to have made the beast with two backs with as many nationalities as he can name. He’s clearly too busy to write many songs, which might explain why there are so many rubbish cover versions on this record. Does anybody really need reminding of Shaggy‘s take on Mungo Jerry‘s “In The Summertime”?

Suitable only for wedding receptions. Avoid.

Olly Thomas