A Prince Among Thieves

A Prince Among Thieves


...Fascinatingly changing their name from [B][I]The[/I] Other Two[/B], [B]Gillian Gilbert[/B] and [B]Stephen Morris[/B] (for 'tis they) have taken another away-heyday from [B]New Order[/B] to continue

Problem: sales of [I]vin rouge[/I] soar through the roof, while sales of [I]vin blanc[/I] also go through the roof, although in the wrong direction. The marketing yahoo’s solution is ingenious, yet fantastically simple: stick the white wine in a red-coloured bottle and call it, uh, ‘Red’, and then people will guzzle it like thirsty Keith Floydhounds.

It is precisely this blend of commercial nous and arid humour which would surely tickle [a]Other Two[/a]’s palette. Fascinatingly changing their name from [I]The[/I] Other Two, Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris (for ’tis they) have taken another away-heyday from New Order to continue their gentle side-project travels.

Apparently, they’ve been bending an ear to Autechre and DJ Shadow. For sure, elements of ‘Superhighways’ (see the trip-hoppy ‘The Grave’ and the churning drum’n’bass scatterings of ‘One Last Kiss’) are smashingly contemporary, yet [a]Other Two[/a] somehow can’t help but come across as dancing schoolteachers.

Elsewhere, the duo dig slightly deep into their psyches to deliver much multi-tracked sorrow. Well-versed in the art of penning theme tunes for TV shows, the likes of ‘Unwanted’ and ‘Hello’ exist in a world of immediate melodies and succinctly-delivered electronic burblings. Indeed, the surface sound of ‘Superhighways’ is quite terrific – all shiny production sheen and cleverly assimilated pop flourishes, this is quite literally a case of glisten with mother.

Sub-Sub‘s Melanie Williams hops on board for glamour pussy vocal duties on ‘You Can Fly’ (picture, if you will, M People in PWL‘s studios). Otherwise Gillian is in charge, doing the old-fashioned clipped English singing thing which makes [a]Other Two[/a] sound a bit like Saint Etienne without the cheeky chic and Dubstar without the kitchen sink. And that really is it. In summary: fairly good music for anyone who is fairly titillated by the idea of buying white wine called ‘Red’.