Ryde Or Die Vol III : In The R We Trust

Ryde Or Die Vol III : In The R We Trust


Philadelphia hip-hop clique. Ideas thin on the ground...

When Philadelphia’s number one hip-hop cartel brought out their first compilation album,
Eve was a stripper and you could still take DMX seriously. Back in 1999,

the debut Ruff Ryders comp spawned anthems like Jay-Z‘s ‘Jigga My Nigga’ and it seemed that Philly was about to take over the rap world.

Since then, not only has Eve hung up her g-string and X become friends with Steven

Seagal, but Philly rappers have been overshadowed by those who represent the Dirty South –
Nelly, Bubba Sparxxx and Ludacris.

It shows on this CD. The best three tracks on ‘Ryde Or Die III’ feature Southern

stars teaming up with established Philly rappers – the excellent ‘Dirrty’ featuring

Drag-On & Petey Pablo, the banging ‘They Ain’t Ready’

feat Jadakiss and Bubba Sparxxx and

the okay-ish ‘Some South Shit’ featuring Fiend, Ludacris

and Yung Wun.

Other highlights for Vol II include Eve on ‘U, Me & She’

and the ultra-violent ‘Shoot ‘Em In Tha Head’ featuring the incongruously-named

Holiday Styles. It’s chorus:

[I]”Shoot em in tha head / Shoot em in the face and the chest / then shoot em in the waist

and the neck / then shoot em with the gun in the mouth / the shoot em in the back and don’t

stop till the blood running out”[/I].

Highly entertaining stuff then. But by the time you’ve got to track 14 and you’re

listening to the umpteenth rap about [I]’in the club with the Cris and the women'[/I] then it’s

time to take off Vol III and play the new Ludacris or
Ghostface, and acknowledge that Ruff Ryders are slowly

running out of ideas.

Andy Capper