Sneaker Pimps : Bloodsport

Sneaker Pimps : Bloodsport


Disappointing stuff from former hitmakers...

Even five years after their international hits ‘Six Underground’ and ‘Sugar Spun Sister’,
Sneaker Pimps still attract celebrity fans. Madonna visits their Home Taping club and they,

meanwhile remix Placebo, Natalie Imbruglia and Sophie Ellis-Bextor – trouble is,

Brian Molko seems to have been the most influential on them. “I’ll play your games with your sex

with electric shocks”, they sing, incredibly enough. Blimey.

Still, having musically updated their original trip-hop with some extra dark ambience,

they should be perfectly placed for the current goth resurgence. Yet, despite ‘Sick’

getting dirtily funky like a very lo-fi Prince and the title track’s sinister Daft Punk

robotics, they’re only periodically up to the task. Elsewhere, ‘Smalltown Witch’ is a

stilted one-dimensional groove, ‘The Fuel’ is packed with endless cod-epic swirls and,

with its laughably unconvincing boasts of sexual dilettantism, reads like a peek into

Molko’s fantasy diary. Everything else, meanwhile, is either an overblown, or downright

clueless attempt at coal-black dance-tinged dynamics.

Further success should elude them. That, it seems,

is firmly restricted to the past.

Jim Alexander