Ikara Colt : Chat And Business

Ikara Colt : Chat And Business


Business is unusual, and business is good...

Un-marketable. Un-mouldable. Un-fuckable. Ikara Colt exist because 99.9% of

everything else is shit and getting shitter.

We are at the absolute other end of the spectrum from Stereophonics here. Both

‘Pop Group’ and the killer first single ‘Sink Venice’ are

based on the Colt‘s oft-expressed and entirely admirable opinion that, after five

years, all bands should be taken out and shot. Before they get the

chance to get fat, old, smug, contented and soft-handed.

No compromises made to the lucrative possibilities of dance remixes or daytime radio play – all you

get is relentless minimalism (‘One Note’), paranoia (‘At The Lodge’),

inverse snobbery (‘Belgravia’) and a spitting hatred of pop mediocrity (

‘Video Clip Show’). Put it this way – if you don’t loathe the likes of
Starsailor and Travis with every fibre of your being then there’s

absolutely no fucking chance whatsobleedingever that you’ll like Ikara Colt.

They’re a sort of twat-filter. And this, by the very

fact of its existence, is brilliant.

Steven Wells