Busta Rhymes : Genesis

Busta Rhymes : Genesis


New ‘sexy’ Rhymes...

Following 2000’s lacklustre ‘Anarchy’, [a]Busta Rhymes[/a]

reached a crossroads of sorts. Though still omnipresent on MTV, his larger-than-life persona had begun to grate on record..

Now back with a new outlook, on a new label, [a]Busta Rhymes[/a]

aims his wrath squarely at the female groin area this time out, proving that when the shit hits the fan the best policy is get some ass. Or something.

The Neptunes and Dr Dre are in the house, and [a]Busta Rhymes[/a]

has definitely become more gangsta, but there’s still too many throw-away cuts. Still, on the title track when he attests [I]”Sometimes it’s so hard to describe the passion that I feel for this shit”[/I], you believe him.

‘Genesis’ doesn’t match the climactic urgency of 1998’s ‘Extinction Level Event’, but then again it doesn’t have to. He’s getting busy elsewhere, after all.

Rick Thorne