Bluetones : The Singles

Bluetones : The Singles


Britpop's slinkiest, rounded-up. Plus three new tracks

From Hounslow they came, jangling their way through intricate chart defences

courtesy of Mark Morris’s soft-shoe shuffle and tunes that could melt the

hardest Carhartt heart. Where most of their Camden-bred peers sang love

songs with the emotion of someone whose mobile was on the blink, the ‘Tones

had a vulnerability natural to a band who dressed in school uniform and

were the height of hobbits. ‘Are You Blue Or Are You Blind?’, ‘Slight Return’,

‘Marblehead Johnson’, they’re all here, plus we even get three new tracks:

‘Freeze Dried Pop’, ‘Persuasion’ and ‘The Bluetones Big Score’, which, for

all their surburban sleazery are still as sweet and reassuring as a cup of

tea at half-time. Their traditional generosity even stretches to an

additional cd of b-sides. That’s just how things are in the Blue-niverse. A

big hand then for the Ole Gunner Solskjaers of Britpop. It’s been a