Scott 4 : European Punks LP

Scott 4 : European Punks LP


North Londoners come good. Very good...

Climate changes in rock music can be cruel, and some people just miss out. London duo [a]Scott 4[/a] never quite got the plaudits they deserved, for all the flashes of brilliance in their country-moods-onto-motorik-rhythms graftwerk.

This however, their first LP since 1999 and a collaboration with Nottingham’s Magic Car (us neither), is a bit special. There’s still something of the High Fidelity, dusty Camden second-hand record rack archetype about them, but ‘European Punks LP’ sounds like, simply, a band in love with rock enough to fuck it up in their own image.

The opening nine-and-a-half minute title track has a gospel choir as lush as Spiritualized‘s (and hired for a fraction of the cost, one imagines) and delicate [a]Scott 4[/a]-cum-Scott 4[/a] are the ones breaking for the borders here.

The arch spiel on the rear sleeve mentions “punk spirit in all its international flavours”, and rarely were truer words spoken in jest. A ‘Let It Come Down’ or ‘All Is Dream’ for 2002? Maybe…

Noel Gardner