Pixies : Pixies

Pixies : Pixies


'Lost' early demos rediscovered

Anyone christened Charles Michael Kitridge Thompson IV to parents born again into the Pentecostal Church was bound to have a few things to get off his chest, and so it proved for Black Francis and the Pixies. Guitars strung with razor wire, they would unleash a hail of lazy evil over the late-’80s that (cue earnest voiceover) ‘reverberated throughout the following decade’.

Here are nine tracks exhumed from the sessions for 1987 debut album ‘Come On Pilgrim’. Recorded over three days in a studio where biscuit tins double for drums and wax cylinders have recently been installed, it finds them assaulting future ‘Surfer Rosa’ epics ‘Broken Face’ and ‘Break My Body’ and a cobalt crystal ‘Here Comes Your Man’. Little more than a curio, but a sure sign of future demo-litions.

Jason Fox