Atomic Kitten : Feels So Good

Atomic Kitten : Feels So Good


Scouse chart-toppers' second shoddy effort

When Atomic Kitten first appeared, they sampled The KLF, sang about shagging, and controls were set for the heart of the dumper. Then somebody discovered the potential of weak pseudo R&B and with a degree of inevitability, the worse they got, the more successful they became.

Given that someone clearly gave the green light for these three dreary women to be regarded as one of the UK’s biggest pop acts, you would imagine that their label would be capable of rounding up some better songs than this, a dated collection of by-numbers pop, rarely any more imaginative than their cover of Billie Piper’s cover of Blondie‘s cover of ‘The Tide Is High’. It gets worse: they even forced Kylie to soil her tiny hands, writing the title track. Cows.

Peter Robinson