Bjork : Greatest Hits

Bjork : Greatest Hits


Interesting singer from Iceland. Could do quite well

She probably couldn’t care less, but Britain, you sense, has never taken Bjork entirely seriously. Okay, she’s had a South Bank Show, but from Spitting Image’s (hilarious) Bjork/fax machine sketch to the press’ (pathetic) tendency to depict her as some mad Icelandic pixie, she has been cast in a faintly comic light. Consequently, her work has never been treated with the same gravitas as, say, Radiohead.

Let’s be clear then, Bjork is very, very special: Madonna, Aphex Twin and Radiohead rolled into one. These 15 tracks only tell part of the story, but each is essential. That Bjork turned the choice over to her fans, via an Internet vote, rather than collecting together her biggest commercial hits simply confirms that, in a world gone wrong, Bjork is right.

Tony Naylor