Northern State : Dying In Stereo

Northern State : Dying In Stereo


Posh girls wot rap. Get over it

Three gobby white girls from uptown NY? Rapping?! Alright, not quite as scarily absurd as disgraced Tory Jonathan Aitken’s daughter taking up the M-I-C.

And surely we’ve gotten over the white-girls-don’t-rap thing. All that sexism stuff we’ve stewed over endlessly with Princess Superstar and… all those other ‘feminems’ (the scribe who coined that one must have imploded with vigorous self-glee).

Can’t one just get on with appraising rap merits, gender aside? And Northern State are good. With their brattish Long Island manners, spiky wit and (middle-class) B-Girl ‘tood, it mightn’t be all that lazy to re-baptise them The Beastie Girls. Ladies have been bustin’ ass in hip-hop since pubescent ’80s boy-baiter Roxante Shante and the old school metre and give-a-fuckness of ‘At The Party’ serves her legacy well.

Mike Carhart-Harris