The Rocks : Asking For Trouble

The Rocks : Asking For Trouble


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The Rocks’ first single ‘Everybody In The Place’ sounded like a million garage-clatter gonzos bashing each other senseless with whisky bottles. It was ace. Then NME saw them live and got irked by their Gap-approved, alternative-styled singer. Still, as the old proverb goes, you can’t judge a band by their cripplingly awful live show. Why bother, when you can judge them by their cripplingly awful debut album instead?

This correspondent maintains that ‘Everybody In The Place’still rules. Elsewhere, though, this is a tuneless Britpop rehash as wailed by sexually-molested canines. It’s almost as if The Rocks want to read the words “hopeless, wank-for-brains Camden-ite twatoids” in their album reviews. Right now, London’s burning with unique ( The Others), controversial (Selfish Cunt) and intelligent (The Rakes) bands. Let’s throw this lot on top of the bonfire.

Tim Jonze