30 Odd Foot Of Grunts : Other Ways Of Speaking

30 Odd Foot Of Grunts : Other Ways Of Speaking


Didn't you guys learn anything from Dogstar?

It goes without saying that were it not for the six particular feet of grunt named Russell Crowe then the other 24-odd feet of charisma-free folkies and bar-room rockers would currently be finding other ways of washing out public urinals or arranging the ingredients of a supersized slop bucket. As it stands, they’d still struggle to get arrested – and that’s taking into account the fact that their Oscar-winning leading man has a habit of breaking noses as often as box office records – for ‘Other Ways Of Speaking’ is a deeply dull record.

Crowe actually has a pleasant enough voice – part- Bono, part that bloke from Gladiator – but his songwriting sucks. The ballads are overblown, the uptempo numbers nondescript and the lyrics laughable (hearing minted musicians bemoan their lot in love and life is one thing, but multi-millionaire movie stars? Pull the other one,Russell – it’s got diamond-encrusted bells on it). Tellingly the best thing here is the ‘hidden’ live cover of [a]Johnny Cash[/a]’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues’. Even when singing Crowe is better suited to performing other people’s lines.

Dan Silver