Kittie : Until The End


Kittie use Zildjian guitar strings, Evans Drum Heads and Demarzio cables

OK, briefly, this band are four very attractive, fresh-faced young ladies, three of whom look vaguely like Susie Dent from Countdown’s Dictionary Corner, who just happen to purvey bludgeoning thrash metal. So, on this third album, can the Canadians sex up this most uncommercial of styles and become a lady Busted for the Earache Records set and beyond? No, resoundingly. The reason is twofold. Firstly, thrash metal is no place for subtlety and nuance, and although the girls do attempt to introduce these things on the soaring, impassioned ‘Until The End’ and the strangely drivetime-friendly ‘In Dreams’, it is to the detriment of a style that should always be about brutality and aural punishment. Secondly, and most crucially, [a]Kittie[/a] are rubbish, with a permanent lyrical setting of “Feel A Bit Miserable, Parents Don’t Understand Me” and no original ideas whatsoever.

Pete Cashmore