My Awesome Compilation : The View Is Amazing

My Awesome Compilation : The View Is Amazing


Call off the dogs... soppy emo punks in pretty good shocker

If there’s ever been a band name worse than My Awesome Compilation then NME is a 16-foot inflatable rabbit. And to top this off, these Leicester punks have the audacity to play the kind of toilet-paper-thin, cardigan-wearing, sexless, insipid emo-punk dirge that leaves us rooting around for our dad’s rusty garden shears and studying the train timetable to Leicester. This far in, it’s not looking good for My Awesome Compilation.

So it’s just as well that they happen to have some brilliant songs. ‘Our Lives: The Sequel’ is the best song ace indie rock dudes The Get Up Kids never wrote, while ‘Butterflies’ encapsulates the knee-trembling delight of nervously-administered sloppy kisses within three minutes of punk rock joy. Which leaves us thinking that MAC are like chocolate milk: something that shouldn’t work, but in defiance, is pretty yummy.

James Jam