Shyne : Godfather Buried Alive

Shyne : Godfather Buried Alive


Bad meaning pretty good

After taking the rap for an NYC nightclub shoot-out involving his former boss P Diddy, a stint behind bars hasn’t stopped this enterprising MC. He may be incarcerated, but [a]Shyne[/a] is taking no prisoners on his second album. Even when dropping clunkers like trying to rhyme “prams” with “bombs” (clue: it doesn’t), there’s something in the Brooklynite’s brutally spit street poetry that is compelling. The G-funk of ‘Here With Me’ and the Foxy Brown-featured ‘More Or Less’ (produced by über-cool Kanye West) are a mere backdrop for the main man’s metaphors of snitches and social ills to shine through.

The beats may be basic and the quality fuzzy – the bullet-ridden basslines of the 50 Cent diss, ‘For The Record’ sound like they were recorded over the prison phone – but there are diamonds among the dirt. As Fiddy morphs daily into his arch-enemy Ja Rule, it’s apparent that [a]Shyne[/a], with a bit of polish, may emerge from the nick as the new king of New York.

Amy Liptrot