Bender : Run Aground


Devilishly challenging and hellishly scary lo-fi soundscapes...

Despite having a name that leaves us sniggering like a puerile schoolboy, wacked-out über-lo-fi drone rock duo Bender peddle a fine line in demonic ambient noise. This intriguing London duo’s cinematic folk noise is magnificently evil, like the orgasmic groans of Lucifer himself. Spooky and monolithic, yet shambling and fragile, ‘Run Aground’ sounds like vengeful ghosts communicating from beyond the grave via the medium of beat-up electric guitars and malfunctioning FX pedals. And while it’s true that the only time you could imagine enjoying these strange, strange sounds is while digging up graves and smoking the bones of stillborn babies, NME is both rigidly terrified of such depraved noise, and inspired by Bender’s challenging sonic exploration.

James Jam