The Saints : All Times Through Paradise: The Complete Recordings 1976-1978


Essential Oz-punk righteousness last seen bolstering Nick Cave's warblings...

Emerging from nowhere (OK, downtown Brisbane) in 1977 with the classic punk single'(I’m) Stranded’, The Saints are worshipped by [a]Hives[/a], The Bronx (who covered their ‘Private Affair’ on an early EP) and pretty much all of the Detroit garage set.

‘All Times Through Paradise’ gathers together the band’s first three studio albums (‘(I’m) Stranded’, ‘Eternally Yours’ and ‘Prehistoric Sounds’) along with a sandpaper-raw live set recorded in London in 1977, and is thus pretty much essential.

Anyway,'(I’m) Stranded’ – the album – consisted of eight rough-sounding demos rush-released to cash in on the success of'(I’m) Stranded’ – the single – after the band emigrated to the UK. The album is solid, but far better are ‘Eternally Yours’ and ‘Prehistoric Sounds’, which proved that, unlike their Britpunk peers, The Saints’ ‘ roots lay less in

art-school fashion hag twattery than as a beery bar band.

So these albums grafted Stax-type horns, R&B and even waltz time signatures onto their patented guitar chugging.

It was precisely these classic rock chops that influenced Nick Cave and led to Saints singer Chris Bailey dueting on ‘Bring It On’ on Cave‘s 2003 ‘Nocturama’ album. Saints guitarist Ed Kuepper left in 1979 and the band drifted into more AOR pop territory in the ’80s, but this is a vital document of a truly great band.

Pat Long