Nouvelle Vague : Nouvelle Vague

Nouvelle Vague : Nouvelle Vague


The cold, dead hand of kitsch reaches the alternative '80s...

At the risk of sounding as if we actually give a shit, the very concept of

Nouvelle Vague – alternative ’80s hits done in a deeply kitsch, sub- Bebel Gilberto sunset-samba style – is one that’s so tired, so looooong past any imagined sell-by date that we’re

honestly astounded it exists. Perhaps (generosity alert!) no-one involved in this ever heard Señor Coconut’s deeply kitsch cha-cha-cha takes on [a]Kraftwerk[/a]’s back catalogue (hey, it’s only been out for seven years); then again, maybe they did. [I]Whatever[/I]… the tragedy is how, unlike Coconut’s genuinely intoxicating retooling of Düsseldorf’s finest, works of great art such as [a]Joy Division[/a]’s’Love Will Tear Us Apart’, The Cure‘s ‘A Forest’ or [a][/a]’ ‘Teenage Kicks’ are boiled down into useless, throwaway approximations of themselves, like Michelangelo’s David rendered in pig shit. Except, of course, that would actually be quite cool.

Rob Fitzpatrick