Open All Night

Open All Night


Source, the Parisian label from whence [B]Air[/B] came, here prove just how rich a vein of talent they've tapped in to...

Source, the Parisian label from whence Air came, here prove just how rich a vein of talent they’ve tapped in to. Blissfully isolated from the restrictive procedures of UK pop, the young hopefuls of Gallic grooving on this collection deftly put paid to talk of the French scene becoming tardy. And if this requires using a huge, husky guitar riff seemingly purloined from big-haired US rockers then, dammit, that’s exactly what they’ll do.

Such is the scene on ZFO’s madly addictive ‘P-Funk I & II’ where, also, a tough, muscular bassline puts its head down and charges forcefully through the track. But like many missives here, it could more accurately be described as a new strain of E-funk, twisty-bendy mid-tempo rhythms variously decorated with ’60s pop, sugar-coated psychedelia, [a]Stereolab[/a]-shaped electronica and oddbod reggae on offerings from Bosco, Mellow, P Jack and Scenario Rock.

It’s by no means all full-throttle discotheque fare, with only Phoenix choosing to seriously up the bpm rate. Yet here there’s also talent in excelsis, their ‘Heatwave’ track oozing the kind of sunnyside up house athletics which make it a cert for Ibiza’s cooler venues this summer.

The French, then. Still shockingly in tune with the spaciest pop and most remarkable funk.