Duran Duran: ‘Red Carpet Massacre’

Duran Duran: 'Red Carpet Massacre'


'Time for another re-think'

When Duran Duran made their appearance at the Diana Memorial Concert, it seemed that the game was very much up. Stuck in a time when suits dribbled out stock options and bands relaxed in their padded suits on private yachts (ie the ’80s) they looked bloated and uncomfortable. By hitching a ride with Timbaland on ‘Red Carpet Massacre’ they’ve repeated the trick they tried on 1987’s ‘Notorious’, when they hooked up with producer du jour Nile Rogers for a much-needed sonic overhaul. Has it worked? What do you think? Repositioning themselves as LA nightbirds, the Brummies are joined by Justin Timberlake on the ‘SexyBack’ soundalike ‘Nite-Runner’, do questioning California pop on ‘Falling Down’ and try europop on ‘She’s Too Much’. And it sounds… bloated and uncomfortable. Time for another re-think.

Priya Elan