Six By Seven: ‘If Symptoms Persist Kill Your Doctor’

Six By Seven: 'If Symptoms Persist Kill Your Doctor'


'Eight strung-out tracks of turbo-flange'

Following the revival of some more renowned ’90s space rockers, Nottingham’s Six By Seven have decided to give it another go. So, if the wait for a new Spiritualized record is too much for you, or you’re a ticketless Verve fan wandering the streets, then these eight strung-out tracks of turbo-flange and mechanical Hammond-organ grind should see you right. Or stoned, at least. On ‘Push’ some of the Shamen-like lyrics bring on more of a wince than wide-eyed affirmation these days, but it’s still a pleasure to get a hit from sonic juggernauts such as ‘Radio Silence’ and ‘Liberation’ – of which the latter includes a three-and-a-half-minute intro of distant self-indulgent droning. They’ve not lost it, then. So who’ll be next to turn up on the road to sonic enlightenment and soggy flared corduroys? Ride anyone?

Matt Warwick