Album Review: No Joy – ‘Ghost Blonde’

Album Review: No Joy - 'Ghost Blonde'


Drenched in 90's influence with dark and noisy breakdowns

It’s easy to read the words ‘LA’, ‘shoegaze’, ‘noise pop’, and ‘duo’ in close conjunction and feel a sense of hideous déjà vu-vertigo, as if hypnagogic pop has eaten itself and you’re stuck in an ’80s pastel hall of mirrors where everything repeats, getting paler and paler until all of Western culture is just one forget-me-not-blue screen of DEATH.

But though the name of the band and album title – not to mention their bloody record label – could be a pitch-perfect spoof on retro blog pop, [a]No Joy[/a] do have some grit. As well as the miasma of Lush and MBV, the likes of [b]‘Heedless’[/b] have a skewed Breeders-ish growl that keeps lines satisfyingly defined amid the sun-bleached, soft-focus beauty.

Emily Mackay


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