No Joy – ‘Wait To Pleasure’

No Joy - 'Wait To Pleasure'


Not just a shoegaze nostalgia trip

Obviously whenever anyone reviews a band who play music vaguely resembling shoegaze, it’s essential to mention My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth and The Jesus And Mary Chain nice and early. So let’s go right ahead and say that Canadian noise-pop trio No Joy are heavily indebted to all three. Pleasingly, though, the experimental heart of the band’s 2010 debut ‘Ghost Blonde’ is still beating, so ‘Wait To Pleasure’ isn’t just a mere nostalgia trip. ‘E’, for example, begins with an immense squeal of feedback, then builds from droning bass to a distorted wall of noise so over the top with crunching static it eventually crashes in on itself and reverts back to a solitary guitar scream. Despite some misfires – notably ‘Blue Neck Riviera’, which features a strange programmed hip-hop beat and a Diiv-style jangle accompanied by some semi-rapped verses – it’s an admirable listen.

Simon Butcher


Record label: Mexican Summer
Release date: 15 Apr, 2013