Album Review: North Atlantic Oscillation – ‘Grappling Hooks’ (Kscope)

Album Review: North Atlantic Oscillation - 'Grappling Hooks' (Kscope)


A journey into the sublime

In geography lessons, some friends and I formed an imaginary psychedelic rock band called The Long Shore Drifters; we even went so far as to name our imaginary debut album ‘Field Trip’. [b]NAO[/b] have gone one further and actually formed a band named after the climatic phenomenon which leads to fluctuations of air pressure that control the storm tracks across the Atlantic. What’s more, it’s really good. It ranges from [b]Beta Band[/b] beats ([b]‘Alexanderplatz’[/b]) to post-rock pop ([b]‘Drawing Maps From Memory’[/b]) with the influence of [b]Pink Floyd[/b], [b]The Flaming Lips[/b] and even [b]Peter Gabriel[/b] looming large, but it’s all pieced together in an intelligent, student kind of way with nods to [b]Boards Of Canada[/b] or [b]Squarepusher[/b].

[b]Gordon Freame[/b]

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