O. Children – ‘Apnea’

O. Children - 'Apnea'


A stylish Dalston band with hidden depths

It would be easy to pigeonhole this London quartet’s second effort into a box marked ‘overly stylish Dalston doom-mongerers’, but that would be ignoring two facts. Firstly, vocalist Tobi O’Kandi might have the kind of rumbling baritone generally pointed in the direction of Nick Cave, but his smooth timbre actually sounds way more Adam Green. And secondly, the flickering guitars around him are more subtle Horrors album two than squalling album one. So while ‘Holy Wood’ or ‘Red Like Fire’ cut a vaguely gothic shape, there’s definite light at the end of this lot’s tunnel – and it’s a far more interesting balance than you’d first think.

[i]Lisa Wright[/i]


Director: O. Children
Record label: Deadly People
Release date: 02 Jul, 2012