The Internet – ‘Feel Good’

The Internet - 'Feel Good'


Insipid and polished in comparison to their debut

From its cheerfully bland title to the super-smooth vocals, ‘Feel Good’ is among the most conventional records to date from the Odd Future camp. It is, according to producer/singer Syd Tha Kid, “a journey through funk and soul through the eyes of young adults trying to find their way”. Funk and soul are indeed everywhere, and ‘Feel Good’ floats upon waves of clipped guitars, elastic bass and meandering synths, sounding not unlike the more conventional moments on ‘Random Access Memories’. But the promised sense of youth and experimentation rarely surfaces. If anything, ‘Feel Good’ goes too far the other way, sounding insipid and polished in comparison to The Internet’s debut.

Ben Cardew


Record label: Odd Future
Release date: 07 Oct, 2013