Oh No Ono



Danes Oh No Ono have a song called ‘Victim Of The Modern Age’ in which they repeatedly declare “Oh na na na na na/We are Oh No Ono”. Our first thoughts… oh no, mainland Europe’s lifted the ban on the export of turkeys. But, while the Aalborg fivesome’s penchant for nonsensical repetition can be grating it can also be applauded. Why? Mainly because ‘Yes’ is a ridiculous record and it’s proud of it. It all starts with a Bellamy-style piano concerto. Hedonistic Atari-pop romper ‘The Shock Of The Real’ follows, where singer Malthe Fischer wails like he’s been possessed. And if that wasn’t enough, few bands will manage to cram Devo, Sparks, Talking Heads, Prince, Adam And The Ants and Orville The Duck into one song as ‘Keeping Warm In Cold Country’ does. A Marmite scenario for sure. We’re irritated; but somehow still dancing.

Greg Cochrane