Album review: OK Go – Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky (Parlophone)


Third album still pounding the same treadmills

Judging by the evidence presented here on their third record, it would seem that sultans of slacker rock [a]OK Go[/a] are finding it hard to claw their way out of the shadow left by the treadmill-toting, highly virulent YouTube-molesting video for their 2006 single ‘[b]Here It Goes Again[/b].’ It’s not that they’re not trying – all 13 of the tracks here sound nothing like their much parodied clip. It’s just that sadly, branching out isn’t a good thing for them. While the likes of [b]‘Needing/Getting’[/b]’s splicing of pervy pop with punch-drunk sea-shanties is pleasing enough, the half-arsed slap-bass, calypso guitars and shameless aping of [a]MGMT[/a] prove that these geeks really should be jogging on now.

[b]Edwin McFee[/b]

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