Album Review: Omar Souleyman – ‘Jazeera Nights’ (Sublime Frequencies)

Album Review: Omar Souleyman - 'Jazeera Nights' (Sublime Frequencies)


An album getting the ethno-techno party started

Syrian wedding singer [b]Omar Souleyman[/b] seemed to blaze out of nowhere in 2009. But if his inclusion at Number Five on last year’s NME Future 50 was a shock, his recent tumultuous UK gigs and [b]Pavement[/b] ATP appearance were less so. If it has become less weird to see the moustache, mirror shades and keffiyeh-sporting chain-smoker leading an odd mix of hipsters, ravers and world music fans on a dabke (Syrian party music) techno jaunt, then this runs both ways. This is another anthology culled from his back catalogue, but the emphasis is on ethno-techno with English translations. Like Souleyman himself, this comp aimed at Western fans is smoking.

[b]John Doran[/b]

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