Os Mutantes – ‘Fool Metal’

Os Mutantes - 'Fool Metal'


Tropicália legends get pleasingly baffling on 10th album

On which the Brazilian Tropicália legends best known for sunshine anthem ‘A Minha Menina’ and loved by everyone from Kurt Cobain to Flying Lotus tackle issues such as the American housing crisis and war. The results on their 10th studio album are pleasingly baffling: opener ‘The Dream Is Gone’ is the spit of Arcade Fire’s ‘The Suburbs’, and the title track is a dour metallic stomp, punctuated by Hammond organ burps. The odd misstep apart – ‘Ganjaman’ is a horrid attempt at reggae – it’s testament to the band’s quality that they sound equally at home with the Beatles-y ‘To Make It Beautiful’ as with the bossa-esque ‘Eu Descobri’.

Ben Cardew


Record label: Jack Krian Music Group
Release date: 29 Apr, 2013