Owl City – ‘The Midsummer Station’

Owl City - 'The Midsummer Station'

A loud and empty apocalypse of blandness

Confession time: this album review is technically incomplete, since, after three-and-a-half tracks of this apocalypse of blandness, the CD was torn from the player and sent spiralling off the ninth floor of NME Towers. Owl City, you see, are almost malevolent in their inoffensiveness, their loud and empty landfill pubescent indie making Scouting For Girls sound like Cannibal Corpse. Every track sounds made to accompany a rousing montage of 25-yard screamers on Football Focus and is so empty and flavourless it should come stamped with a Ginsters logo. Incidentally, the CD decapitated a passing pigeon on its way down. We hope you’re happy, you evil bastards.

Pete Cashmore


Record label: Island
Release date: 20 Aug, 2012